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Are you looking to sell already made website or looking to buy one ? This section is reserved for that.
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Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:55 pm

For images:

https://shop.denart-designs.com/product ... 2-website/

One page fully configured website named Knight is one of the newest products we created.


Ultra SEO Optimized Facebook/Twitter shares included google search too
Google Analytics Code ready.
Responsive layout
Cache statistics
Contact email
Cute news (user: admin, pass:admin) categorised
SMF support for SSI topic news
2 Video for background available
Top PvP, PK, Online status with icons (Gender, Class, Hero, Noblesse)
Server Status On/Off
Total accounts, characters, players online.
Image Gallery
Vote sites (Hopzone, Topzone, Network, L2jBrazil, Topserver200)
Links in footer Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Dribble.
Full animations almost everything is moving while you scroll down the page
Speed optimized almost everything

Server Name
Google analytics user
Contact email
Background video choose (2 available videos)
Server Configs
Cache server database statistics every XX minutes
Vote links
Social links
Forum link
Server rates
SMF SSI enable
Download Patch, Client, Updater.

Organized and clean code
Object Oriented programming
PDO Database connections (NO SQL Injection)
Cache in files
Organized SQL connection strings for easy edits from chronicle to chronicle
Easy to edit and understand in order to add custom caches for more statistics
Clean tabbed HTML/CSS/PHP code
Editable Small logo PSD included

Font used for small logo included

For images:

https://shop.denart-designs.com/product ... 2-website/


https://shop.denart-designs.com/product ... tml5_video


150€ (check first reply for special discounts)

Contact Links

Visit My New Webpage
Like me On Facebook
Follow Me in Twitter
Pin My work In Pinterest
Wach Random Events Of DenArts In Instagram
Click to send me E-mail: info@denart-designs.com
Click to add me on Skype: 
Posts: 8
Joined: Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:43 pm

Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:55 pm

reserve for discounts
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