L2 Classic whats new?

Have a good guide for lineage 2 classes and farm zones ? Or maybe some other secrets. Here you can share it or request help.
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Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:49 am

I'm playing L2 classic for some time now and want to share some new changes. First, when I started did not know about those, so I'm sure new people will find them useful:

- There are still A grade weapons but no sign of interlude ones.
- some new skills
- xp is harder
- cloaks
- new interface
- SA system is made by Runes
- talismans
- improved/solid enchants, for example they are improved from +1 to +3 enchants in once/ solid 1 enchant it
doesnt break-stays same enchant if fail
- There are no heine goddard and rune town
- clan bonuses
- might of heaven can be used also in pvp
- heals and potions can crit
- mage debuffs like fear and anchor are boosted

There are still many new changes so if you have in mind something please share below.
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