Server Name: Lineage2 Flame
Date Added: 2021-10-03 14:02:05 Offline

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Server Rates:
EXP: 200
SP: 200
DROP: 50
ADENA: 200
Server platform information:
L2Java Normal Non-Custom
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Lithuania LT
Server Owner
Jonas Jakucionis
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Private lineage2 server. No custom items, auto events, fights for raidbosses, friendly community, live support 24/7. JOIN US! General Chronicle: Interlude EXP: 200x SP: 200x Adena drop: 200x Item drop: 50x Spoil: 75x Quest drop: 50x Quest reward: 50x Party XP rate: 1,5x (200 * 1,5 = 300x) Party SP rate: 1,5x (200 * 1,5 = 300x) Enchant rates Safe enchant: +4 Max echant weapon: +25 Max enchat armor/jewelry: +30 Enchant scroll chance: 60% Blessed enchant scroll chance: 85% Augmentation Mid-Grade Life Stone chance: 10% High-Grade Life Stone chance: 15% Top-Grade Life Stone chance: 20% Only active and passive skills Events Olympiad period: one week Castle sieges: every week at saturday and sunday. Auto event system: TvT, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Raid In The Middle Auto events start time: everyday at 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, 22:00 [GMT+3] Raidboss Raidboss respawn time: 24h Ant Queen: 24h Core: 24h Orfen: 24h Zaken: 24h Antharas: 48h Baium: 48h Valakas: 48h Unique features Offline shop system: create a shop and exit the game. Wedding manager: could be found in every town church. Formal wear is requaired for marriege. Casino manager: games of variuos game currency. Global Gatekeeper: with towns, seven signs, variuos locations and raiboss teleports. Multi shop: C, B, A and S grade items are available in a common shop, this taking away the need of crafting them and spending valuable resources and your time. Class manager: enables to change your character's occupation without any hassle, using the class manager, instantly. Scheme buffer: auto buff function, saving up to 4 schemes per charater. Event manager: vote for you'r favourite event of the day, change medals received from events to unique prizes. .menu command: function ativation/deactivation, online password change, server info. No custom items. Nobless status: quest letter available at shop. Retrieve few items from monsters and kill raid boss Barakiel. Sub class: free and no quest sub class. Sub class count: 3 per character. Max buff count: 30+4. Interlude retail skills: no custom skills or stats.


Language: English   

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